Heather Chinn

Heather Michelle Chinn was born with a paintbrush. From early on she would paint anything with any medium within reach from food to nail polish. Her earlier masterpieces were found on ceilings and cafes in professional murals in Fredericksburg, Virginia. For several years, Heather painted whimsical watercolors for the international stationary company Mon Petite Chou. She eventually learned how to paint photographic backdrops on physical canvas thanks to her master artist and photographer mother. Working large scale became second nature as if it were akin to writing in a notebook. It was small papers that became too confining. When she was introduced to digital tools in the early 2000s it made sense to translate tools to the computer. Fighting this for a decade, Heather built thousands of custom brushes through trial and error. You may have seen them within Corel Painter’s many releases. Obsessed with “background” space Heather would navigate vacation time around two things: museums and the best vantage points for sunsets. Studying light and composition and the elements that brought them together through paint was a lifelong fascination. Her backgrounds are built through 
custom elements. She will take physical brushes, actual organic paint, and substrates to create brushes, textures and papers before even starting the digital canvas. This is one of the many reasons her backgrounds stand out. Her history with physical oil painting has given her an edge on understanding true color harmony when it comes to photographing skin tones. You might notice hints of the impressionistic Masters speaking through her backdrops.

“To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts - such is the duty of the artist.” - Robert

Her time is divided between being a Mom to her daughter Xia, obedience training their “giant baby dog” cane corse Beya, mentoring artists, and producing hand painted backgrounds and educational materials. It is said that Heather’s “soul” is often very clearly seen in her work. Her elegant brushwork and transcendent color harmonies capture the ethereal essence of the subject and evokes an emotional dialogue between viewer and painting. Her belief that anyone can easily use Corel Painter to create their own keepsakes led her to a speaking platform at the beautiful Phoenix Symphony Hall for the Professional Photographers of America’s International Convention in Phoenix, Arizona in January 2014. Heather made her television debut on Lifetime Television’s “The Balancing Act” in April of 2014.