Kenzie Hunter

Kenzie began painting with oil in 2005. An avid artist in other mediums, she took to oil skillfully and ranked nationally within a year. To explore her interests of art and helping others, she moved from small town Kansas to Omaha, NE to gain a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and begin a Master’s program in Counseling.

Working to put herself through school as a carpenter, muralist and commissioned artist, she strengthened her various skills before finding her love for photography and launching The Copper Fox Studio in 2019. In a short few years, her powerful storytelling and artistic background have gained attention and claimed numerous awards on a state and National level.

With the freedom of digital software and high quality mixed media, she is now fusing her various skills in a way to produce art that is as unique as it is exquisite.

Kenzie is looking forward to sharing her love of art through teaching, custom design/consultation, and luxury hand painted and embellished portraiture with her new launch, The Copper Fox Creative.

“As artists, everything we create has a piece of us in it. Pouring ourselves into our work as acts of connection; whether it’s love, pain, inspiration, healing- it’s all incredibly meaningful. Art is aimed to make you feel. Where we create, we connect. That’s where I find purpose.”