Ricalous Lewis

Hey there, I'm Ric! I am the lead photographer for Ric Lewis Photography (formerly Capture Wonder Photography) and Kayla Douglas Artistry. I have a degree in Electronics Engineering and I specialize as a Nuclear Imaging Engineer. I was so used to fixing medical imaging systems that photograph what is going on inside, I figured I'd photograph the outside too! My journey to photography was different from most. I actually started out with modeling for various bridal magazines and suit companies. I was used in various advertisements for suits, cigars, and whiskey. I thought that learning photography would teach me what a photographer sees from the other side and that it would help me to be a better model. I bought a cheap camera from a pawn shop and starting photographing other models I knew in the industry. Those images were published rather quickly and I realized I may be on to something special. Photography quickly became my passion over modeling. These days you'll find me on the other side of the camera, teaching workshops, or helping Kayla at photography conventions. Kayla and I met and started dating two years after I started Capture Wonder Photography (now Ric Lewis Photography). She has been my muse, second photographer, modeling/posing coach for clients, and a support to my business. Likewise, I help support Kayla Douglas Artistry.